Shanghai Ftherm Machinery Co,.LTD

Ftherm® is Internationally Renowned Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers Brand, Ftherm® Machinery located in Shanghai, China. Company Since 1996, it is a provider of applications, services and equipment for scraped surface heat exchangers in high viscosity products processing, margarine and shortening, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries. Ftherm® Machinery has several series of scraped surface heat exchangers, namely Ftherm® X series SSHEs, Ftherm® Plus series SSHEs, Ftherm® T series SSHEs, Ftherm® A series SSHES, and the derived extension of Ftherm® G series gelatin extruder, Ftherm® Lab experimental scraped surface heat exchangers. 

Ftherm® Votators with a single heat exchange area ranging from 0.08 square meters to 7.0 square meters, which can be used to produce medium-low viscosity to high-viscosity products, whether you need to heating or cooling the viscosity product, crystallization, pasteurization, sterilization, gelation, concentration, freezing, evaporation and other continuous production processes, you can find a scraped surface heat exchanger product in Ftherm® Machinery. 

Where, Ftherm® X+ B + C or Plus + B + CH units forms a margarine production line, which can produce industrial margarine, shortening, puff pastry margarine, vegetable ghee, vegetable butter, specialty fats, puff margarine, lard and oil and fat products. The structure of Ftherm® scraper heat exchanger is unique. After long-term optimization, it has high equipment stability, and the fineness and finish of the products are leading in the World. 

Where, The Ftherm® starch slurry cooking systemSauceMayonnaiseCustard consists of a heating section, a preservation section and a cooling section. Depending on the output, configure a single or multiple Ftherm® X series scraper heat exchangers. 

Ftherm® machinery not only can provide your multiple series of scraped surface heat exchangers single machine, but also can provide you with a complete set of engineering solutions, recipe, production processes and automatic packaging for fats & oils and starch sauce food and High viscosity products.